Some attributes
Leader Twilight Council
Races Human, Elf
Allies Ketahdet, Merid
Other attributes
Enemies None
Economy Wheat, Domestic animals, large farming areas
Government Democratic Republic
Location Southern Ocularis
Religion Monalicsm
Strength 9/10 (6/10) without Ravens

Axesal is a extremely religious group of city states they share a border with Diedam. In the distant past when Diedam fell in a catastrophic event Monalic protected her devout followers in the southern portion of Ocularis from the deadly miasma that afflicted the continent. The leader of this group later known as the twilight council preached her word and blessed the ancient people of Axesal to ward off the deadly poisons while also proselytizing Monalicsm as it would later be known. The kingdom stood on a knife edge at the very moment of its birth. Its former ruling empire lay in ruins spouting abominations, spectral legions, and demonic beasts in ceaseless waves. However, the twilight council with the guiding wisdom of Monalic, constructed monumental war-temples around the borders of their kingdom. Each of these temples were infused with divine energy from Monalic, they were able to fire intense beams of lunar energy that could be concentrated on a priest during the night granting him demi-god like powers. The priests were selectively picked from the twilight council turning them into ageless defenders and rulers. These priests, later called Ravens, went forth and fought the undead hordes of Diedam allowing the kingdom of Axesal to survive that bleak age. Over time through the orders of the twilight council the kingdom expanded to the east and west of Ocularis establishing cities in highly valuable areas or farms and mines in others, at this point the twilight council were the undeniable rulers of Axesal. Centuries passed and the glorious power of the temples waned but the Raven's didn't. Currently the twilight council is exclusively made of Raven priests and the kingdom has become a breadbasket with its large tracts of farm land. Axesal hires adventurers to keep the undead scourge to the north at bay or if needed a Raven is deployed.

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