Skeleton pirates
They rise!
Some attributes
Leader Unknown
Races Undead
Allies None
Other attributes
Enemies The Living
Economy None
Government Necrocacy
Location Middle of Ocularis
Religion Unknown
Strength 4

Diedam was an empire that spanned throughout the corners of Aresh, in eons past it was said that the Solar eagle never flew past its borders. However, after many years of prosperity the emperors court wizards started experimenting in dark arts from the far north bringing human sacrifices, demon summoning and cannibalism to the capital. The empire persisted for several more years but in one cataclysmic event the empire crumbled leaving behind only the angry undead remnants of a shattered empire.

Many kingdoms from the ancient past to the current era have sent armies to cleanse the ruins of Diedam for good but the seemingly endless barren wastelands make it difficult for an invading army to stay there for long. Currently the neighboring kingdoms hire thousands of adventurers in large expeditions every year to stamp out the undead around their borders. Sometimes an extremely powerful wizard awakens forcing the kingdoms to field their armies but there are no stories of the emperor ever awakening.

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