Some attributes
Leader Raziel Greatbreaker
Races Human, Elf, Dwarf
Allies TBA
Other attributes
Enemies TBA
Economy Socialism
Government Military Monarchy
Strength 10/10

Legiremar is an extremely militaristic state. Holding a completely water locked country, it is well known that they are not a force to be messed with. They are lead by the head of the Army, Raziel Greatbreaker, and his council made of the generals below him.

Legiremar has an amazing track record in wars, both it's own and ones it's joined to help an ally...they simply haven't been on the losing side of a war, ever. This is due in part to how trained everyone is. From an early age training starts, as well as schooling on strategy and leadership.

The generals and other high ranking members of the army are from the richest families, though they either started rich and were able to be taught from the best teachers, or they became rich due to the position.

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