Name: Simith

Titles: God of the Abyss, King of Death

Symbol: Skull with glowing purple eyes

Alignment: Chaotic Evil

Portfolio: Destruction, Deterioration

Domain: Undeath, Suffering, Evil

Power Level: Greater

History: Imprisoned at the beginning of the world by the overgod. Simith patiently waited and gathered followers across the world planting seeds of corruption in the hearts of governing bodies and powerful mages. In one night the fruits of his work destroyed an empire and ravaged the world for a millennium to come, the seal had been broken the shock waves propagating his presence over Aresh, killing hundreds of thousands in an instant whilst sending a black cloud of death over the world. Seeing the inevitable demise of the planet without intervention the Overgod smashed Simith into fragments sealing each piece in stone and burying them around leylines of power that could reinvigorate the seals indefinitely. In these areas he placed mighty guardians with ageless bodies but Simith with his twisted nature seeks to corrupt them for his own purposes.

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